Last night I dreamt that I was pregnant. It did feel like a nice dream.

There are some fuzzy bits to my dream and there was lots of people in it, some that I knew and several that I didn’t.

I remember feeling pregnant and feeling something inside me.

My waters broke on the floor, in front of alot of people. And there were blokes that were disgusted by that, several ran out of the room holding their noses.

There were two very very drunk blokes on the other side of a sort of swimming pool, one of them was extremely obese and he was the most drunk. They were both so drunk they were rolling around on the floor. They then decided to go swimming and I was trying to tell the people around me on my side of the swimming pool that it was dangerous and he was too drunk to be swimming. But noone took any notice and the bloke went swimming.

I was then in the swimming pool. And went into labour. So my mother took me to where I was supposed to give birth, I can’t remember if I made it to the place but I can remember thinking that I had to be prepared for contractions and that it was going to hurt and that I would sweat and have wet hair!

I gave birth to a girl that I named Ami and someone came to see us and Ami started having a conversation with this person. I remember thinking this new born baby can talk already!! How strange.

Then I think I must have woken up.

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