Parking a Car

last night i dreamt that I was in a range rover or similar vehicle and there was a bloke driving it and he owned the vehicle and was in a band or something. I didn’t know his name and I didn’t recognise him, but we were friends. I have no idea where we were driving from.

we were going to see the rest of the people in his band and he was parking the vehicle near a river/lake and somehow the vehicle slipped into the water and it was very very deep but the front two tyres managed to just hang onto a ledge. Which was lucky as the ledge dropped off into the darkness. It was very steep and I was afraid we would fall but we didn’t. we managed to get out of the vehicle.

I don’t remember anymore.

The main significance to me is the water and height of the ledge – I have alot of dreams that include these two things.

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